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500mg CBD Isolate Tincture THC FREE (Raspberry Blue Dream)

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500mg CBD Isolate Tincture THC FREE (Raspberry)

Our most popular product! The Kokoro Way's CBD Isolate Tincture features 500 mg of pure CBD isolate with organic MCT as the carrier oil. Our formula delivers a powerful natural solution to keep you at your best. 

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Pure CBD isolate

All of The Kokoro Way’s tinctures, regardless of potency, are offered in a one ounce bottle and contain 30ML and can be taken day or night, sublingually.

Below is a breakdown of milligrams per dropper (mL), according to the strength of our different tinctures. There are 30, 1mL servings in each bottle:

500mg -16mg of CBD per dropper

1000mg - 33mg of CBD per dropper

1500mg - 50mg of CBD per dropper

2000mg-66.6mg of CBD per dropper

3000mg - 100mg of CBD per dropper  

100% USA grown and manufactured CBD Isolate.

Directions: Put oil under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds and swallow.  Take recommended dosage via dropper per day as needed. 

Talk to your doctor about supplements. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Why Choose The Kokoro Way?

100% USA Grown and Organic Hemp

Lab Tested and Certified COA’s

Products that truly work! 

The Kokoro Way has formulated an All Natural CBD  range of CBD products include oils, topicals, edibles, flower, and more.  

Our hemp is 100% federally legal. This product comes from a certified Kosher, Halal manufacturing facility.

Find us online or come visit us at any of our 3 locations in NY, USA.

Find our COA here


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