The Kokoro Way llc

CBD Hemp Batons (20 Pack)


The Kokoro Way's premium CBD Batons are made with ground up high quality hemp flower. Each baton is packed in a one gram size and averages 12% CBD strength in total. 

Enjoy a better smoking experience with a smooth flavor and no harsh draw. Unlike competitors, there is no filler, and each baton features a filter on the end. These are the most premium CBD batons in the hemp industry.

(1 gram per baton, 20 batons per pack)

Between 2500-3500mg CBD hemp per pack of 20

Why Choose The Kokoro Way?

100% USA Grown and Organic Hemp

Lab Tested and Certified COA’s

Products that truly work! 

The Kokoro Way has formulated an All Natural CBD range of CBD products include oils, topicals, edibles, flower, and more.  

Our hemp is 100% federally legal. This product comes from a certified Kosher, Halal manufacturing facility.

Shop online or come visit us at any of our 3 locations in NY, USA.


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